Spoke at LinkDexThinkTank Conference on Influencer Engagement – PR, Social and Video

Spoke at LinkDexThinkTank Conference on Influencer Engagement – PR, Social and Video

Yesterday I had the pleasure speaking at #LinkDexThinkTank, an event set up by the lovely people at LinkDex. My talk was about some of the engagement campaigns that we have run and I was really fortunate in that we are right in the middle of one for BanishBags.com, but we have also done this kind of work for the lovely Confused.com

The event was packed with worldie PR speakers like Andrew Smith and Philip Sheldrake, two guys I respect massively and far deeper thinkers than I when it comes to the inner thinking behind campaigns and human interaction etc.

Andrew Smith led the way and I can safely say I could not follow in his footsteps because his talk was just amazing. Very intelligent, very well thought out and very wow.

My talk was in its usual bouncy-rambling style and the highlight was a guy who runs an infographic business giving me some stick about my comments that infographics are on the wane. I know if I put my thoughts behind this on here it will just set another hare running so i will just say, search for the hashtag and go see for yourself.

In the grand scheme of things I don’t give a shite about infographics (even though I own and run one of the largest infographic sites in the UK) so it was interesting to finally meet someone who obviously cares a great deal about them.

Anyway, the organisers loved the debate, I got a truck load of nice comments afterwards and it was all a bit of a giggle.

My main regret was not getting to see all of Philip Sheldrake’s talk. The bit I saw was amazing. Also annoyed I did not get chance to say personally. he is an industry legend.

Here is the deck from my talk, in case you want to have a gander..

Massive thanks to the LinkDex team for the invite and great afternoon.

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