Speaking at SASCON – Public Relations Conference Speaker

Speaking at SASCON – Public Relations Conference Speaker

Hey blog fans (my Dad), a quick note about my recent talk at SASCON. I love SASCON, it is a great event and i was gutted that I could not get there for day one because of another meeting, or stay after my talk because of one of the team leaving.

I was lucky enough to get to see the founder of WordPress not only do a Q&A session but receive a lifetime achievement award for his services to the digital and tech sector. I have never seen anyone get a standing ovation at a tech conference before, but he got one!

What was also interesting, and indicative of how influential WordPress is, was the fact that when the facilitator asked people to show hands of those who have used WordPress, everyone in the room, and I mean everyone, had used it. Kudos!

Anyway, my talk was a bit last minute. I was scheduled to be on a panel. The night before though, the lovely Kristal Ireland asked if I could do a talk instead because my panel partner had been struck down with flu.

Nothing like last minute planning on my part.

Fortunately, I had the Gangnam Style Viral Playbook research on a Slideshare deck that I could go through and this, I think, went down well.

I was also amazed to see that the original slideshare document has now had 24,000 views! Wow.

Anyway, it is clear that people are still fascinated by Gangnam Style and how it came to be because the questions came thick and fast.

Thanks to SASCON for inviting me along and thank to Kristal for being so awesome!

Here is my slide deck:

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